Package Management


 Get an organized and accurate system
 Save time by using a smart search engine
 Enjoy our auto Match Making System
 Receive Email notifications when item is matched
 Attach pictures of high-value items
 Ship and Track Items
 Log and Search “on the go” via MS Shift App
 Capture Signatures - Proof of Delivery!
Lost and Found
Lost and Found

Integrate with FedEx, UPS, DHL!

 Ship a Found Item to Its Owner
 Generate Official Carrier Shipping Labels
 Eliminate Manual Air Bills
 Increase Revenue via Carrier Discount Program
 Track Shipped Items in Real Time
Lost and Found

Click ‘ship’ to print a shipping label

Lost and Found

"The best feature - shipping fee vs. actual charge allows the hotel to capture revenue on each package shipped"

About Us

MS SHIFT is an established software and technology company that services the leading hotels of the world. The systems are developed with the hospitality industry in mind to streamline their existing operational needs using technology.

In 2009 MS SHIFT signed a Master Service Agreement with Marriott International which enabled MS SHIFT to serve as an “All in One” solution for Marriott hotels around the world.

We provide what we consider to be the most powerful, comprehensive and intuitive systems available on the market. And today we continue to support even more Marriott hotels with our technology by offering custom solutions for their Select Brand hotels!

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